Monty Don shuts down climate change denier with witty response: Wake up!

Monty Don calls on gardeners to stop using peat

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On Tuesday, Gardeners’ World star Monty Don, 66, knocked a Twitter user down a peg for claiming climate change didn’t exist. The environmentalist and horticulturalist, who has decades of experience in the field, hit back with a sarcastic – and brilliant – response to prove them wrong.

And vaccines are all a zionist conspiracy

Monty Don

After a dedicated fan reposted a quote from the famous gardener on Twitter, someone else had very different beliefs.

They shared a quote from Monty, which read: “‘We cannot stop climate change, but we can, and must, all do our bit to slow it down.

“‘Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something – and if we all do something, however modest, then we gardeners, can make a real difference’ – Monty Don.”

Others took to the comments section to hail Monty’s wise and inspirational words, branding him a hero for all things nature.

But there was one remark the gardener felt he needed to reposed to.

The user, who goes by the name of Habib, told the original fan to “wake up”.

They retorted: “Climate change my a**e.

“Wake up, the world is getting colder not warmer you idiot.”

Monty soon rushed to the fan’s defence as he mocked the troll’s naivety.

“And vaccines are all a zionist conspiracy, Trump had the election stolen from him and the moon landings faked in Arizona,” he snapped back.

Elsewhere, the BBC presenter blasted those for “missing the point” when it comes to using peat to grow their plants.

Taking to Twitter, he told his followers that there is “no excuse” when there are so many alternatives available.

It comes after he backed a campaign to end the use of it, claiming digging up peat bogs to provide compost for gardeners is an “act of eco vandalism” as it releases carbon into the atmosphere.

Following a passionate update in which he outlined three reasons why it should be banned, Monty said gardeners were “missing the point” when they shared their views on the matter, as many worried that it would affect the quality of their plants.

Other gardeners said they were unsure of the quality and price of some of the peat-free alternatives that are on the market.

However, the gardening expert explained that this was not the case and beside the point of the initiative to save the environment.

“Some gardeners are missing the point: It really doesn’t matter how well plants in your garden grow or do not grow, no plants or garden justify the use of peat. Ever,” he wrote on Monday.

“We must therefore adapt- even if that means a loss of quality (which I firmly believe is not the case),” he added, in view of his 242,000 followers.

In an earlier update, he said: “I think many people are unnecessarily wary of peat free composts.

“All the various coir or bark based composts I have used over the years are excellent. #thereisnoexcuse.”

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