My teenage career would have fallen Donny Osmond unveils secret romance

Donny Osmond reveals plans for ‘second home’

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Donny Osmond is an American singer, dancer, actor, television host, and former teen idol. The popular star gained notoriety performing with four of his older brothers as The Osmonds, earning several top ten hits and gold albums.

The 64-year-old has revealed he kept his romance with now-wife Debbie Osmond quietly under wraps for a number of years.

The pop legend was the subject of much fanfare and was beloved by teenage fans all over the world at the height of his career.

Donny revealed once his legion of supporters found out about his relationship they began having record-burning parties and would burn his albums.

Speaking out about his budding romance in a recent interview, the singer shared he had been feeling “lonely” for a long time.

He addressed the situation while speaking on BBC Sounds Loose Ends with Clive Anderson and Emma Freud in January.

Speaking about his longstanding showbiz career, Emma commented: “We then move on to married Donny. Obviously to me, you blew it all by getting married to Debbie – as you like to call her.

“It didn’t go down well with the fans. You were no longer fully theirs and the fans began burning your records?”

Donny replied: “That’s true. That’s a very true story.

“I received pictures in the mail of ‘Donny Osmond burning parties.’ But there was a point in time my life when I was just lonely.

“I was completely lonely. Around 19-years-old I realised I have to do something for me.”

He went on: “I fell in love with this little girl named Debbie. She’s not in the business, she’s from Billings, Montana. A little cheerleader.

“I dated her for three and a half years secretly. It was something that I needed for me.”


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The Puppy Love singer concluded: “It was the next transition of my life and it proved to be exactly what I needed because…. my teenage career would have fallen anyway but thank goodness I had a woman by my side. My companion, my partner to get me through it.”

Donny and Debbie have lived in marital bliss ever since they exchanged their wedding vows more than four decades ago.

The longtime lovebirds became experts at maintaining their unbreakable bond even before saying “I do,” and it all started on the day Donny gave his spouse a kiss in 1976.

“Debbie was playing hard to get, and I wanted to plan something really, really special for our first kiss,” the Masked Singer alum once told Utah Valley Magazine of a sweet date he put together for Debbie.

“I told her a limo would show up at her house at a certain time, and then we were headed to Sundance for dinner.”

After they finished their meal, Debbie went on a scavenger hunt to find presents that Donny hid for her.

Once she neared the end, her then-boyfriend asked her for a kiss and, of course, Debbie didn’t say no.

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