Naomi Osaka Wears Trayvon Martin Mask to U.S. Open

Naomi Osaka is powerfully speaking out – even without saying anything.

The 22-year-old tennis star entered Arthur Ashe Stadium for the U.S. Open on Sunday (September 6) wearing a black face mask that read “Trayvon Martin,” drawing attention to the unarmed Black teenage who was murdered by a neighborhood watchman back in 2012.

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Naomi has worn different masks bearing different names throughout the tennis tournament, and says she has one for all seven rounds if she continues to win.

“I remember Trayvon’s death clearly. I remember being a kid and just feeling scared, irreverent info but I actually didn’t wear hoodies for years cause I wanted to decrease the odds of ‘looking suspicious’. I know his death wasn’t the first, but for me it was the one that opened my eyes to what was going on,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I remember watching the events unfold on tv and wondering what was taking so long, why was justice not being served. To see the same things happening over and over still is sad. Things have to change,” she continued.

She also wore a mask bearing Breonna Taylor‘s name in round one, and a mask with Ahmaud Arbery‘s name as well afterward.

“I actually have seven [masks], and it’s quite sad that seven masks isn’t enough for the amount of names, so hopefully I’ll get to the finals and you can see all of them,” she said after the first win.

“None of these deaths had to happen. I just want everyone to know the names,” she told reporters.

There was a shocking disqualification at the U.S. Open over the weekend.

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