Nick Cannon Jokingly Volunteers to Give Saweetie Babies

Saweetie says she wants children in her life — and one Nick Cannon seems to be ready to deliver … if she wants to take him up on it.

The rapper tweeted out her parental desires Saturday, writing … “I want some babies.” Short and sweet — no real other context either, but on its face … it sounds like she’s ready to be a mom.

While there were a number of normies in her comments who offered up their services to get that done — Nick actually stood out among the rest with a not-so-subtle offer of his own … retweeting Saweetie’s message and adding a few telling emojis.

There’s a curious face emoji, a ninja emoji, a laughing emoji, and a guy raising his hand emoji. The hand-raising says it all … NC seems to be down to provide, and as we know — is very well-equipped to do so.

The man has fathered several children over the course of his life, including three just earlier this year — his son, Zen, and twins Zion and Zillion … the latter 2 having a different mother. He’s got four more from previous relationships — including a couple with Mariah Carey, a couple more with Brittany Bell.

He’s talked about going celibate for a while, but seems to have backtracked on that … indicated here in his volunteering — not to mention what he told us the last time we got him out. Remember, Nick said he’ll keep having kids … just so long as the man upstairs keeps on allowing it.

No word from Saweetie yet if his proposition sounds appealing or not — frankly, she probably has a lot of would-be suitors who’d be willing to give it a go … and could have just about whoever she wanted for this mission.

However, if she’s out for efficiency and a track record of success … Nick might be her man!

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