Outlanders Caitriona Balfe teased by fans as she demands apology from co-star Sam Heughan

This Morning: Sam Heughan on relationship with Caitriona Balfe

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Outlander star Caitriona Balfe, 42, had her Twitter followers in stitches as she trash-talked co-star Sam Heughan about the rugby. But her followers couldn’t help but point out the glaring blunder she’d made. 

As Scotland and Ireland faced off for the Six Nations, Scotsman Sam, 41, got the trash-talking started as he tweeted Caitriona: “Good luck today @caitrionambalfe , in advance, sorry for your loss against @Scotlandteam.”

Undeterred, Claire Fraser actress Caitriona replied: “I would say that’s a little .. premature…!”

She was right – her native Ireland won the match, leaving Sam humiliated.

Quote-tweeting his original message, she added: “Sammy says what..???????” 

To this, Sam replied with a gif of Homer Simpson banging his head on the bar and shouting “D’oh!”

“I’ll take a six pack of @GuinnessIreland and some salt and vinegar @Tayto as an apology!!!!!” joked Caitriona in response. 

But her followers pointed out a blunder she’d made – in front of her 536.7k followers, she had tagged the wrong account for Tayto Crisps.

Instead, an account with 13 followers had been tagged, and would likely be receiving hundreds of notifications as people commented on the thread. 

Mushka wrote: “I don’t think that’s the Tayto you want Caitríona!” 

Sabrina added: “Hey @MrTaytoIreland, Caitríona likes your snacks. She tried to tell you, but tagging is not her thing”. 

“Caitríona I love you … that @ tag isn’t the company it’s a person on twitter,” giggled Kasey. 

Caitriona has recently welcomed her first son with husband Tony McGill, and she was pregnant when she shot the most recent series of Outlander. 

Naturally, this created some challenges. 

“It wasn’t easy,” she admitted. “You’re pretty tired when you’re pregnant anyway.

“And we shoot a lot and the schedule’s pretty tough.”

The cast and crew of Outlander finally returned to Scotland in February 2021 after the initial starting time of May 2020 was pushed back by the pandemic.

Thankfully, the cast and crew were completely supportive of Caitriona as she adapted to Covid protocols and her first pregnancy.

She told Extra TV: “But, you know what? I have had a lot of amazing co-workers and everyone took very good care of me.”

Caitriona even had a number of helpful assistants who ensured she was able to stay comfortable in between takes.

She recalled: “There were a few people who just ran around with these big pink yoga balls into places for me to sit on at a certain point.”

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