Ovie Soko and India Reynold’s relationship: have the Love Island couple split?

Ovie Soko and India Reynolds were the power couple that swooped into the Love Island villa last minute and started heating things up with just a flash of their smiles, but since leaving the villa things seem to be going from great to rocky.

Basketball player Ovie, 28, found love with lingerie model India, 28, during the last few weeks of Love Island’s fifth series after Anna Vakili left him for Jordan Hames.

On the outside, Ovie was a huge hit with fans and it seems his relationship was too, as the pair – despite arriving late – finished in third place.

India cheating rumours

Since leaving the villa, Ovie and India have come under scrutiny, with one rumour surfacing that India had cheated on Ovie with footballer Kieran Gibbs, which she later denied.

Speaking to MailOnline in September, Ovie said: “Me and India are happy. I think that's definitely the most important thing.

"We're very happy. Regardless of how many people [there are] in every one of our lives, there will be opinions. And everyone can have their own opinion."

Speaking about India, Ovie said: "She's a great person — a very genuine, very sweet person. I think whenever you can come across genuine people — whether that be a significant other, a mate, a work colleague — you've got to value them."

The couple since leaving the villa

But the rumour mill has been turning and word has been spreading that Ovie and India are set to break, three months after leaving the villa.

It has been supposed that busy work schedules and hectic lifestyles have kept the pair apart for some time now.

"It's clear things aren't exactly rosy between them. They need time to meet up and work things out," an insider told Mail Online .

And a second source added: "They have been trying to get together all week, but their busy work schedules haven't permitted it."

Speculation has sparked following the pair’s Instagram feeds showing no signs of one another.

Ovie hasn’t appeared on India’s Instagram for two months, and Ovie hasn’t shared a snap of India since August 1.

Adding to this, their last public appearance was on September 9 at the TV Choice Awards.

The Metro has reported, however, that reps of the couple have since revealed they’re still together, amid the separation rumours.

Ovie, who recently landed an ASOS brand deal, has defended his and India’s relationship since leaving the villa, and told Metro.co.uk last month: “India’s great man, she’s an absolute sweetheart. We’re absolutely fine, we’re happy.”

Amber Gill and Ovie rumours

Since Love Island ended, fans have also taken to social media to share their views on a potential Amber and Ovie relationship starting up.

Amber Gill, 22, won the 2019 series of Love Island and formed a close friendship with Ovie during her time in the villa.

But fans weren’t convinced that friendship was all Amber and Ovie shared after Amber liked a tweet in September that showed a GIF of Kim Kardashian hiding behind some bushes and read: “Is it too soon to start stanning Amber and Ovie together? #Loveisland.“

India was also left upset after fans urged Ovie to dump her for Amber Gill.

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A source close to India exclusively revealed to OK! online that she was absolutely gutted and left feeling extremely low from the ordeal.

“What the public don’t generally see is Ovie and India together, so they don’t see how genuinely happy they are together because they don’t post everything on social media like some people.” The insider continued:

“When the lie started to circulate that she’d kissed Kieran Gibbs so many people just instantly believed it.

“And because Ovie is such a popular fun guy Twitter went in hard on her based off one person claiming it had happened. "

But Amber has said a romance with her and Ovie isn’t on the cards.

Speaking to OK! online, Amber previously said of Ovie: "I would prefer to have him as a friend. We have never really thought of each other like that – it's a bit strange that everybody comments on it all the time.

I'm like 'Oh my God, no, stop.' "He is always going to be there no matter what, if he's my friend, he's going to be there through my boyfriends, through anything.

"I get those types of messages about Ovie and I all the time. Oh my God, the amount of people that want it to happen.”

Struggling to spend time together

The rumour mill then continued to turn when Amber and Anna showed up to support India for the launch of her Boohoo range, but boyfriend Ovie was nowhere in site and nor was India at Ovie’s launch.

A source exclusively revealed to OK! online: “India's work with Boohoo means she isn't allowed to be seen supporting other brands, so wasn't allowed to go to Ovie's launch, even though she would have loved to have been there.

“Her and Ovie are more loved up than ever and she would have loved to have supported him on his big night.”

Whilst we’d love to see Ovie and India stay together it seems camps are split on whether or not Ovie and India are going strong or on the rocks.

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