P. Diddy’s Reaction to His ‘Queen’ Mother’s Birthday Present Is Everything

The hip hop mogul is jumping in joy and his family members are all cheering and clapping as soon as the birthday present from his mother Janice is revealed.

AceShowbizP. Diddy was showered with expensive gifts from his loved ones as he rang in his 50th birthday Monday, November 4. The music mogul was captured on a video jumping in joy as he received a birthday present from his “queen” mother Janice.

Diddy, wearing an all-black outfit with a golden crown atop his head, watched a video message from his mom in a room full of his family members and friends. As soon as the gift was revealed, he stood up cheering raucously before giving her a warm hug while everyone was clapping. “My queen got me a new car,” he said.

While his mother gave him a black Escalade, one of his sons Christian presented him with an extravagant diamond-encrusted portrait, half of which was a close-up of Diddy’s face and the other was Chris’. “Happy birthday pops. Twinny twin twin,” Chris said on his Instagram Stories. Diddy responded on his own page, “Thank you.”

Diddy also received birthday messages from his famous friends like DJ Khaled and many others. “To the man who gave me many talks about music and the gift that I have my brother!!! my friend [email protected] happy 50th,” Timbaland wrote.

Snoop Dogg gushed, “Happy. C. Day. To my brother. King father leader. Teacher. N mentor. @diddy.” Meanwhile, Nas posted a throwback picture of them in a studio, “Happy 50th Born Day To my bro @diddy i wonder how old we were here.”

While he appreciated his pals for their love and support, he skipped partying and chose to spend his birthday at home with his family. “I’m not having a party, y’all. Just chilling, chilling with the family today. Keep the circle tight,” he told his online followers.

Unlike last year where he held a star-studded bash, he kicked off the big day this year by getting himself a new tattoo on his ribs, which was was the “most painful place to get a tatt.” He later had a huge dinner with his family, sitting on a golden throne with a golden crown on his head.

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