Paparazzo That Once Got Beat Up by Mike Tyson Says Man on Plane 'Got Lucky'

Paparazzo Tony Vera thinks Mike Tyson isn’t someone to mess with, and he’d know — he was left a bloody mess by him back in the 2000s.

We talked to Tony at LAX Friday, the very same place he was punched by Mike all those years back … he thinks the man that harassed Mike Wednesday got off easy in the punching power department.

Take a listen … the guy makes some great points, wondering where the crew was when the passenger started bugging the former champ.

He tells us the memories started flooding back when he heard about what happened. As we reported back in 2009 … Tony got hit by the boxer after getting too close to him near the ticket counter at LAX.

Police told us both parties made citizen arrests on each other, and Mike was taken away in a squad car while Tony was taken to a hospital. BTW … Tyson was not charged with a crime but settled with Tony for an undisclosed amount.

Tony says he and Mike have made up since their past scuffle, but he feels bad for him about what happened Wednesday … and wants everyone to know Mike is a legend that shouldn’t be messed with.

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