People Are Saying Jimmy Fallon's Super Bowl Ad Is "the Best Commercial Ever Made"

If there’s one thing that Jimmy Fallon has taught us over the years, it’s that he’s game for anything, even if that’s trying to keep up with all-around fitness icon John Cena in about five different sports. The 45-year-old Tonight Show host does just that in the 2020 Super Bowl commercial for Michelob Ultra.

The ad starts with a bout of one-on-one weight training between Fallon and Cena, where Jimmy sends one of his weights flying through a window. Then we get to see Fallon in at a bar as he tells Cena “working out sucks!” just before the commercial cuts to how many sports and exercises Fallon has tried his hand at recently.

Of course, where Fallon’s involved, the band The Roots are not far behind: We see the comedian barely keeping up with Cena on a runner’s track (“This is it! This is how I die!” he grunts) right as the band makes their entrance, encouraging him to do his best. And things take a turn for the best when renowned Olympian Usain Bolt appears on the track to exclaim: “Still got it, Jimmy!”

It’s not long before our favorite television host gets more comfortable in his new running shoes and starts loving the exercise he’s getting—even if he pales in comparison to some of the athletes who make a cameo in the 60-second commercial (be on the look out for golf pro Brooks Koepka and volleyball stars Kerri Walsh Jennings and Brooke Sweat).

It all leads up to a moment on the football field where Fallon actually manages to make a legitimate sack. “I’m so proud I could squat you,” Cena exclaims as he embraces Fallon in a bone-crushing hug.

People on Twitter absolutely loved the commercial, with many saying it was just the motivation they needed.

Love it! See you at #SuperBowl !!

Outstanding Commercial!! … and I’m with Jimmy… exercise Sucks!!

This is the best commercial ever made!!!🙂😂😂😂

Lmao omg this is hilarious 😂

While it is hilarious, the television ad was no joke for Fallon, apparently. “I was so sore, either it was the Michelob Ultra or working out, I lost 10 pounds doing that commercial,” he said on Today. While Fallon readily admits he’s a true beer fan and he couldn’t be more excited that this is his first Super Bowl commercial (What took you so long, Jimmy?!), the commercial is actually a result of his real-life fitness routine. He shares that an advertisement agency found him via Instagram after looking for someone who “hates working out but loves beer” and they stumbled across a picture of Fallon in the gym. How funny is that?

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