Peter Andre reveals wife Emily secretly battled coronavirus

Peter Andre has revealed his wife Emily MacDonagh has tested positive for coronavirus antibodies after secretly battling the disease months ago. 

Emily, who is an NHS doctor at a Surrey hospital, experienced Covid-19 symptoms at the height of the pandemic and self-isolated for two weeks. 

She suffered a headache, sore throat, aching limbs and loss of taste and smell. 

Recalling her ordeal publicly for the first time, Peter told The Sun: ‘Emily became ill when the cases were soaring. Nobody knew the symptoms, not all doctors wore masks and Emily was very exposed.’ 

The couple are parents to Amelia, six, and Theo, three, while Pete’s older children from his former marriage to Katie Price, Junior, 15, and Princess, 12, were also living with him and Emily at the time. 

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Junior also fell ill and isolated in his room. 

Worried the disease would strike down his whole family, Pete, 47, recalled: ‘I thought, “I can’t get it. What will we do then?”’ 

Emily, 30, tested positive for the antibodies on Saturday (20 June) and made a full recovery from the disease and returned to work. 

But a cautious Pete added: ‘Just be­cause she’s had it doesn’t mean she’s im­mune. Is she even more likely to get it again?’ 

The married couple have detailed their lockdown experience on social media, including Emily’s work on the NHS frontlines and Pete homeschooling the children.

It’s made for a very busy household so it’s no surprise Pete is looking forward to spending some quality time together with Emily after lockdown. 

‘It’s been really strange some of the kids going back to school, of course the only one who’s gone back full time is Millie,’ Pete recently told The Mirror. 

‘Theo goes for three hours a week and he’s very, very clingy at the minute to both me and Ems, especially me because Ems has been at work a lot whereas I’ve been with him 24/7 for the last three months.’ 

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