Peter Weber: Spotted! For First Time Since Horrific Facial Injury!

Heading into his mildly-anticipated season of The Bachelor, here is what we know about Peter Weber:

1. He’s very good at having sex inside of a windmill.

2. He’s terrible at drinking alcohol on a golf course.

We learned the first fact cited above because Hannah Brown came right out on her season of The Bachelorette and confirmed that she and Weber went to Pound Town four times in one night.

And we learned the second fact cited above about two weeks ago after Weber suffered a pretty serious injury to his face.

As previously detailed, Weber had to get 22 stitches in his gorgeous mug after he got all clumsy while trying to imbibe during a lovely afternoon out.

“He went to step on the [golf] cart but fell and split his face open on two cocktail glasses he was carrying,” a source explained to Radar Online earlier this month.

No, really, this is apparently what transpired.

Fans immediately took to the Internet to try and gather more information.

Was Weber alright?!? Would this cause a delay in filming? Might The Bachelor not premiere in January?!?

Chris Harrison tried to assuage these fears via an Instagram post that read as follows:

“Peter suffered a freak accident. He got a cut on his head, he did get stitches but he’s 100 percent OK and production is already back underway.

“He’s still the dashing, handsome pilot we’ve all dreamed of.”

PHEW, right?

This past weekend Peter, meanwhile, we finally got proof that Weber is, indeed, in tip top, very sexy shape:

He was spotted — for the first time since his accident — with a bandaged forehead as he posed for a photo with a fan in Lima, Peru.

“SPOILER ALERT i won the bachelor,” wrote the woman pictured alongside Weber as a pretty funny caption.

Production for Weber’s upcoming season of The Bachelor remained on schedule throughout this ordeal, insiders have confirmed, adding that Peter went on a date the day after his weird/awful fall.

Weber, for his part, was the third runner-up on Brown‘s season of The Bachelorette

He was a controversial selection for The Bachelor specifically because he’s NOT controversial: he’s just nice, humble, milquetoast and, yes, white.

Asked about Weber and his injury on October 13, Brown sounded a tiny bit concerned.

But mostly, well, unconcerned.

“I had for a year where I was focused on finding love — which I think is great — but now I’m going to love on myself and focus on myself,” she told Life & Style during a break from Dancing with the Stars training.

She concluded:

“So that’s what I’ve been doing, so I wish him well. But right now, I am working my butt off in the ballroom and that is where I’m putting all my energy.”

As for what you can expect in 2020?

We’ve got all The Bachelor spoilers you could ever ask for!

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