Phil Collins’ Ex Counters His Attempt to Evict Her With Spinal Condition Argument

Orianne Cevey, whom the Genesis singer wants out of their Miami home by January, claims she would be left ‘wheelchair bound’ if her ‘daily regime and access to special equipment’ is disrupted.

AceShowbizPhil Collins‘ ex-wife has hit back at the rocker’s attempts to evict her from their former Miami, Florida home, insisting a crippling spinal condition has made it difficult for her to move.

The Genesis star wants Orianne Cevey out of the waterfront mansion by mid-January (21) but she wants to stay there with her new husband and now claims vacating the property will be too tough.

She disclosed her condition days after claiming Collins was an alcoholic and drug addict during their marriage and began neglecting his hygiene. He has slammed Cevey’s allegations, calling them “impertinent, scandalous and scurrilous.”

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She maintains she is owed half the value of the luxury mansion, and now states she cannot “disrupt her daily regime and access to special equipment,” revealing she would be left “wheelchair bound” in new court documents obtained by the Daily Mail.

“Cevey suffered damage to her spinal cord in a routine operation in 2014 after suffering a neck injury in a martial arts exhibition in Paris,” the legal papers state. According to the documents, she must undergo five hours of physical therapy and training six days a week in order to “simply maintain her current condition.”

“She undergoes three hours of therapy in the home on various equipment purchased for her therapy needs, and in the home’s swimming pool, and another two hours of therapy at a nearby therapy center,” her lawyers write.

“Without this rigorous, and ongoing therapy regimen, which has been part of her daily routine since March 2015 and is closely monitored by her therapist at a local therapy center, Orianne’s physical condition would rapidly deteriorate and likely result in her becoming wheelchair bound again.”

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