Piers Morgan branded attention seeking fraud by Bradley Whitford

Elon Musk to go ahead with purchase of Twitter

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Last night, actor Bradley Whitford branded Piers Morgan “an attention seeking fraud” amongst other names in response to being invited onto his Uncensored show. It came after the pair clashed about Elon Musk’s new policy on Twitter.

Bradley shared what was meant to be a private message from a member of Piers’ team, who asked him whether he was available to come onto the show for an interview.

In response, the actor savagely wrote: “You sure, Buddy? Cuz your phone-hacking, toddler boss just got super-triggered by an opinion I expressed about a billionaire whose a** he’s trying to kiss.(sic)

“In a world that desperately needs good journalists, I’m sorry you have to work for an attention seeking fraud who is the definition of toxic news, so no.”

He shared the message alongside the caption: “Sorry, @piersmorgan. Unavailable.”

Being involved with any phone hacking while in his role as the editor of the Daily Mirror is an accusation Piers has strongly denied several times.

Express.co.uk has contacted a representative for Piers for comment.

The pair had previously clashed over Elon’s new charge for blue tick users on Twitter.

Bradley initially said of the policy: “Entitled bats**t billionaires in charge of the public square is the opposite of freedom and a recipe for disaster.”

Piers hit back at the actor writing: “As opposed to entitled bats**t actor who – unlike @elonmusk – thnk any views that challenge their own woke-ravage self-righteous rantings warrant instant cancellation?

“Put your rattle back in your illiberal stroller, you big baby.”

The actor went on to tell Piers to “look in the mirror” as he brought up the time he walked off the Good Morning Britain set following a clash with Alex Beresford.

Elon has said the new monthly Twitter cost is “essential to defeat spam/scam” and is “power to the people”.

Piers has been backing the billionaire’s new policy change since his announcement.

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In a tweet shared on Monday, he wrote: “So funny seeing people insist @elonmusk will fail with Twitter.

“The guy’s the richest, most successful person in the history of Planet Earth and will make it a massive money-spinning, free-speech-celebrating triumph.

“Take it to the bank where he has $223 billion.”

Earlier this week, he also put forward his hopes of interviewing the Twitter boss after hitting eight million followers.

After Elon’s deal with the social media platform was confirmed, he tweeted: “Comedy is now legal on Twitter.”

Discussing this on his Uncensored show, Piers said: “Twitter has for a long time now been managed by a woke workforce which has systematically shadow-banned and buried commentators who are mainly on the right.

“All Elon Musk has said is that he wants to restore Twitter to what it should’ve been – a digital town square where a wide range of beliefs can be openly debated.

“That’s not opening the gates of hell,” Piers added as he went on to back the right of free speech. 

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