Piers Morgan reveals weight loss after 'rough' coronavirus battle

Piers Morgan has detailed his coronavirus battle, revealing he lost 2kg in weight after testing positive.

The former Good Morning Britain host, 56, was left with chest pains, fever and cold sweats after catching Covid-19 at last month’s Euro 2020 final.

Speaking of his recovery, the presenter shared that he is still feeling the impact of the symptoms, weeks after he first became ill.

‘It’s now been three weeks since I went down with Covid, and I still feel as rough as a badger’s backside, with chronic fatigue and a lack of taste/smell,’ he penned in his Daily Mail diary.

‘Many friends have also recently had the virus, with varying severity, as the Delta variant spreads like wildfire.’

Piers went on to reveal that pal James Blunt also caught it at a similar time, with the singer battling to keep his live performances from being cancelled.

He said the pair had one ‘side effect’ they both shared, explaining they had both lost weight during their respective battles.

‘In fact, the only side effect we shared was a positive one: weight loss,’ he added.

‘He’s shed 4kg [8lbs] and I’ve dropped 2kg [4lbs].’

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