Piers Morgan takes swipe at Brooklyn Beckham for unutterably pointless TV appearance

Brooklyn Beckham's new tattoo mocked by Piers Morgan

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Piers Morgan, 57, is a well-known critic of many things and his latest target was the Today Show, which featured Brooklyn Beckham making an egg sandwich. It comes after the eldest of David and Victoria Beckham’s children found a love for cooking during lockdown, but the former Good Morning Britain host was less than impressed that he had appeared on daytime TV to debut the English favourite.

Worst, most unutterably pointless segment in morning television history?

Piers Morgan

The official Twitter account for the Today Show shared a clip of the segment online, and Piers couldn’t keep his comments to himself.

The post was captioned: “Social media sensation @brooklynbeckham joins us in Studio 1A to make an English breakfast sandwich.”

“Worst, most unutterably pointless segment in morning television history?” Piers replied, and it appeared others agreed.

One commented sarcastically: “Thanks for showing us peasants how to make a sandwich, Brooklyn. I had no idea how before.”

“WTF!!! What is happening in this world?? I feel sorry for all the well trained chefs out there that study years and get no airtime, and they can actually cook!” a second raged.

Others however, felt differently as one urged people to “leave him be”.

“He’s a young man finding his feet in life. Leave him be. He shouldn’t be cursed because of his parents. I’m sure you wouldn’t be as critical of one of your lads Piers,” they tried to reason.

Someone else agreed with them: “So why did you watch it? Next time change the change the channel and watch something else. I mean really.”

In the clip, Brooklyn showed hosts Carson Daly and Hoda Kotb, how to make the perfect English egg sandwich, which featured all the toppings including bacon and sausages.

Speaking of his passion for cooking, he explained: “I’ve always loved food and when quarantine hit I just really started get into it.

“My fiancée [Nicola Peltz] started filming it and I started posting it and it’s something I love doing,” he beamed.

Brooklyn revealed that his dad former footballer David is the cook in the family, loving to whip up risotto, pasta dishes and steak.

Back to his own recipe, Brooklyn took viewers through his step-by-step process, where he then assembled the brekkie favourite before serving it up for the hosts, who were blow away by the taste.

Piers has previously poked fun at Brooklyn for his latest tattoo honouring his fiancée Nicola, live on GMB.

“Congratulations to Boorklyn Beckham, what is he, he’s a famous child,” Piers scoffed ruthlessly, as his former co-host Susanna Reid’s eyes-widened.

The social media star had Nicola’s eyes inked on the back of his neck with a loving quote she had reportedly written him underneath.

Labelling the love letter “guff” he added: “Imagine if they broke up,” Piers snorted as Susanna tutted.

“You’re going to have to get someone elses eyes…” he trailed off as he tried to stifle his giggles.

“He’s going to have a lot of eyes tattooed on his back by the time he’s older!”

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