Pink Floyd star Roger Waters apologises to fans in weird rambling video Get drunk!

Chile: Roger Waters celebrates Gabriel Boric election win

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Fans were left stunned as they spotted the 78-year old musical legend passionately toasting the defeat of the South American country’s former leader Sebastien Pinera. Brandishing a glass of white wine and then a saucepan which he banged repeatedly with a spoon as if playing make-shift drums, he praised what is to be the youngest president Chile has ever had.

It’s over, Kast has fallen on his sword!

Roger Waters

“So I just heard from my friend Pablo Lopez in Santiago, you won! [Gabriel] Boric won!” he crowed in the clip posted to his 440,200 Twitter followers.

“Numero uno won your presidential election.

“It’s over, Kast has fallen on his sword.

“Pinera is whatever so tonight, hold on, here’s to you! To the people of Chile, bravo!”

The British singer and bassist, who claimed he had been forced to leave Pink Floyd back in the 1980s, explained that he was personally invested in Boric’s victory.

“It’s not just to the people of Chile, it’s to the people of the world,” he praised.

“This election was muy muy importante, it meant everything to all of us,” he continued. “Maybe we’ll all survive.”

Then the musician made references to cooking a celebratory meal, before breaking into song against the former leader.

“I’m going to take to my saucepan in my kitchen, that’s my cacerolazo (casserole dish) – it’s extremely important.

“I should sing a little song to the outgoing president,” he joked.

“Goodbye Pinera and your men, here’s hoping we never meet again! You were no fun, you were just one of those things!'”

Then he gave a middle finger salute to the camera before apologising for what he felt some might be perceived as strange behaviour.


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“Sorry I shouldn’t get weird but I’m just so so happy, thank you Chile from the rest of us.

“Bravo Chile, signing off, let’s all go and get drunk! Chile I love you!”

Some have warmed to Boric after his rival was described as a Donald Trump-styled character with few ethics, Jose Antonio Kast.

Boric’s major campaign messages include a vow to fight climate change, by banning a proposed mine in the most prolific copper-producing country in the world.

Roger captioned the video with supportive words: “Heartfelt message to all my brothers and sisters in Chile, with huge thanks from the rest of us. Love R.”

Roger recently married his new wife, 43-year-old Kamilah Chavis, who formerly worked as his driver.

Back in October, when the wedding took place on his $16.2 million New York estate, he captioned photos of the happy couple with the words: “Finally a keeper.”

It seems there have been more reasons than one for Roger to raise a toast lately.

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