Plaintiff In Kobe Bryant Photo Trial Seeks Up To $75 Mil For Himself, Vanessa

Vanessa Bryant‘s co-plaintiff Chris Chester is seeking millions in damages as the trial over the Kobe crash photos nears an end … with his attorney asking for up to a combined $75 million for both families.

Craig Lavoie, Vanessa’s attorney, gave his closing statement on Tuesday (Kobe’s birthday), asking the jury to hold the officers accountable for allegedly taking and sharing gruesome photos of her late husband and daughter.

Bryant’s lawyer reiterated Vanessa will constantly live in fear, knowing the photographs could hit the internet at any moment.

“Anytime, any day, that can be the day,” Lavoie said. “Every day they will live in the fear that that is the day they will resurface.”

It’s been an emotional couple of weeks for Vanessa … who’s been in the courtroom every day, forced to listen to painful details about the tragic accident and the subsequent investigation into whether law enforcement inappropriately shared the images.

Ciara & Monica Show Up in Court to Support Vanessa Bryant During Crash Photo Trial

But, Vanessa hasn’t been alone. On Monday, Ciara and Monica were on hand to support Bryant, with the latter showing up on Tuesday, as well.

In Chester’s attorney Jerome Jackson’s closing remarks, he asked for $2.5 million each for his client and Vanessa … citing emotional damages they sustained over the last two years.

He’s also asking for between $100K and $1 million each for the rest of their lives … which based off life expectancy, is 30 years for Chris and 40 for Vanessa.

FYI, Chester lost his wife and 13-year-old daughter in the crash.

Vanessa’s attorney, while addressing the court, made it clear the case was not about the accident … but rather the alleged improper behavior of the deputies.

“44 years ago, today Kobe was born. It’s an honor to stand here beside Vanessa and ask for justice. Tragedy took both Kobe & Gigi away. We’re not here because of an accident, here because of intentional conduct. We’re going to ask you to deliver justice.”

The trial will continue on Wednesday in Los Angeles … when L.A. County, the defense, are scheduled to make their closing argument.

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