Prince Edward’s Unique Approach to Cake Cutting Has Left Twitter Divided!

Prince Edward

Prince Edward takes the cake!

Queen Elizabeth‘s youngest son visited the Lakeland Community Care Centre in Northern Ireland on Wednesday to help them celebrate their 25th anniversary. The royal was given the honor of cutting the cake — and certainly wasn’t lacking in spirit when it came time for the task.

In a video shared by the Royal Family on Twitter, Prince Edward stands over the cake with a large knife and excitedly counts down: “Ready? One, two, three, go!” He stabs the knife directly into the center of the cake before briskly sliding it to the cake’s edge. Inspired by Edward’s enthusiasm, the room burst into cheers.

But the royal’s cake cutting skills left some bewildered!

“This is a man who has never cut cake before,” commented one Twitter user, while another likened his technique to a “butcher.”

Others appreciated Prince Edward’s ability to inject some fun and humor into a fairly humdrum moment.

“The Earl of Wessex cake cutting skills made me smile,” wrote one commenter. “I love his sense of humor. EVERYTHING doesn’t have to be serious especially delicious looking cake.”

Another replied, “Good to see The Earl of Wessex putting some humour into things! Love it!”

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It turns out that Edward’s wife, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, also did some cake cutting this week. On Wednesday, she visited the Brainwave Therapy Centre in Cheshire as the charity celebrated their 10th anniversary. She assisted a young woman in making the ceremonial first cut into the cake — but not without posing for a smiling photo first.

Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex

The royal couple marked their 20th wedding anniversary in June by spending some quality time together at one of the highlights of the royals’ summer calendar: the second day of Royal Ascot. They are parents to 15-year-old Lady Louise and 11-year-old James, Viscount Severn.

“We manage to have a good laugh about things most of the time, and we happen to love each other, which is the most important thing of all,” Prince Edward has previously said about his relationship with Sophie, whom he met at a tennis match in 1993.

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