Prince Harry Discussed Meghan Markle's Miscarriage with the Royals Ahead of Op-Ed

Meghan Markle just published an incredibly moving and powerful op-ed in the New York Times about suffering a miscarriage this Summer. In the essay, the Duchess opened up about her very personal experience, and also spoke about how important it is to check in on each other in a year marked by so much tragedy. And if you’re wondering whether the royals knew the op-ed was going to be published, the answer is yes.

A source tells The Daily Beast that Prince Harry discussed Meghan’s miscarriage with his family, and they were also aware that her New York Times article was going to come out ahead of publication. The source didn’t say who in the family had been told, but it’s believed that Harry’s grandmother the Queen, his father Prince Charles, and his brother Prince William, were all aware.

According to The Daily Beast, Charles’ spokesperson said he won’t be making a comment on the “private” subject, while the Queen’s office said the same, calling Meghan’s experience “deeply personal.”

Read the Duchess’ full essay here.

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