Princess Kate released another Shaping Us video, this time with Roman Kemp

So, I had never heard of Roman Kemp before now, and I went into this story judging him just by his words and vibe, and he seems like a seriously good guy? Kemp is a British radio host, TV personality and self-styled mental health advocate. He became an advocate when his dear friend, Joe Lyons, died by suicide in 2020. Kemp made a documentary about his friend’s suicide and the larger mental health crisis. Kemp is one of the local celebrities who signed on to help the Princess of Wales’s Shaping Us campaign, her latest awareness-raising campaign which boils down to “the early years are important.” Throughout the week, Kensington Palace has been posting videos of Kate pushing Shaping Us and parroting vague talking points, and today, they posted a video of Kate and Roman Kemp taking a walk and talking about mental health and early childhood. He comes across beautifully. Kate… does not. But I will say this, she at least came across as empathetic, so that’s better.

Y’all know that I’m loath to give Kate any credit, but she has changed it up a bit for this cycle of keenery – this is the most I’ve ever heard her speak unscripted. It’s actually a relief that she is capable of speaking off-the-cuff, but the bad news is that she easily jams herself up when trying to explain exactly what it is that she’s trying to accomplish and what her goals are for Shaping Us. She at least says that the goal isn’t to judge or tell parents that they’re doing this or that wrong. But yeah… this video would have been a lot better if Kate had simply interviewed Roman, because he’s interesting, vulnerable and kind. I got a lot more out of his part of the conversation.

Photos courtesy of Kensington Palace.

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