Princess Kate wore a £220 mustard Karen Millen: not bad, actually kind of nice?

The Princess of Wales stepped out today for a solo event at the Royal Surrey County Hospital. Her focus, for this visit, was visiting the maternity and neonatal wards and hearing about the hospital’s work to support babies and mothers. Judging from People Magazine’s piece, which was basically published straight from the Kensington Palace press release, it sounds like this hospital’s maternity and baby programs are incredibly supportive, with a focus on allowing new parents to bond with their babies while also giving moms some mental health support.

Kate wore a new-to-us dress by Karen Millen. The dress retails for £220, which sounds about right for this kind of piece. I’m always sort of surprised by how good Kate looks in shades of yellow and mustard. She doesn’t wear the color that often, but she really should. Even this somewhat dull mustard shade really pops with Kate’s coloring. In general, I don’t hate the dress either – it’s far from the worst thing she’s ever worn. Do I find the style a bit dated and vintage-y? Yes. I’m not going to look it up, but I feel certain that Diana probably wore a dress very similar to this.

Meanwhile, during the mourning period, I mentioned a few times that Kate’s mourning wiglet was looking a bit obvious and unblended. It’s happening again in these photos too. I think it’s a combination of factors – Kate is clearly going for honey-blonde highlights for autumn, plus she’s got a lighter mourning wiglet which she refuses to blend, plus she really needs some kind of deep-conditioning treatment for her dry-ass hair. All in all, since she’s become Princess of Wales, her hair has definitely been going through some things.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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