Public Bathroom Notes Lead To Rescue Of Kidnapped Sexual Assault Victim

Incredible! A sexual assault victim was able to get herself rescued by leaving a trail of notes in public bathrooms!

Police were first alerted to the notes on Thursday when someone found one stuck to the mirror in the women’s restroom at Walmart in Carnegie, Pennsylvania (just outside of Pittsburgh). The note claimed to be from a woman who was being held against her will by her ex-boyfriend, who she said was armed with a knife. 38-year-old Corey Brewer (above, inset) was found quickly after she smartly left the address to their home and a description of their car — along with a powerful plea to the whatever stranger read it to call 911!

When the police arrived at the house, they didn’t get an immediate answer when they knocked, though they could hear furniture being moved inside the home. When they called his cell phone and asked to speak to the victim, he would only allow the conversation to take place on speakerphone. He said they were in New York on vacation; the woman described Brewer as her boyfriend.

During the investigation, authorities say the victim’s ex believed them to be in a relationship. The woman had previously been granted a protection from abuse order against Brewer in August 2020, but it had quickly expired.

Two days later, another note was found in western Pennsylvania at the Fallingwater museum and landmark restroom (nearly two hours away from the original note’s location). This time, the pair were caught on surveillance cameras as well!

In the second note, more details were revealed. The woman claimed she had been held captive since May 1 and that she was NOT on vacation, apparently in response to the earlier police call. She even described hearing the police come to her house and begged for officials not to “give up.” The criminal complaint, obtained by ABC News, said the note pleaded:

“She heard the police knocking at the residence, that the abuse hasn’t stopped, and please don’t give up.”

She also wrote in one note:

“If I don’t make it tell my family I love them.”

Wow… She must have felt so hopeful that her notes were working, but we also detect some panic she felt, knowing the police might stop trying to help her just because of Brewer had told them everything was fine. Thankfully, authorities listened to her request and took the alleged sexual abuser into custody early Sunday morning!

At that time, the woman revealed she had no access to a phone because Brewer had taken hers and that she was unable to escape from him, even in public, a key reason why she resorted to restroom notes!

She also insisted Brewer sexually assaulted her, as well as punched and strangled her many times. She alleged nude photos were taken of her against her will and that her captor used his knife to cut her foot. She feared that he might follow through with threats to kill her or her children if she tried to leave. Whoa…

Corey has been charged with sexual assault, strangulation, and unlawful restraint. He is expected to return to court for a preliminary hearing next Thursday. At this time, he does not yet have an attorney.

We’re so glad this woman was able to get out of a scary and unsafe situation! A reminder to always keep your eyes open if you see notes left behind in public areas… you never know what you might find!

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