Queens Brian May Opens Up About Influence Of Mott The Hoople

Brian May has opened up about the influence of Mott The Hoople in a new interview.

In the new “Another World – Part 2” video, the Queen guitarist explained why he covers Mott The Hoople’s “All The Way From Memphis” on the deluxe edition of his reissue of Another World and the potentially life-changing advice he received from Mott The Hoople lead singer Ian Hunter.

“Mott the Hoople were a great influence on us,” May ssays aid in the video, filmed in Tenerife. “I remember watching Mott the Hoople burst onto the stage and the whole audience would erupt because it was just engineered that way.”

“I say engineered because you do you work on an audience you want to make contact. You don’t just stroll on and plink away and hope something will happen. At least we don’t. You know, you have that opportunity to excite, to impassion, to inspire an audience. And they did that. They would go on and go….and the whole place would erupt,” he adds.

May said “Ian Hunter as a pianist, not many people can do it as keyboard players,” is a big inspiration to him.

“And so I did All The Way From Memphis on this album. Love it. And I got a little quote from Ian Hunter. Miserable old sod he is, but I love him dearly. He once gave me great advice,” he adds.

(Photo: Sally Avery-Frost)

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