Rancid, toxic douche Piers Morgan will probably get another job very soon

I passionately loathe Piers Morgan and I can’t stand writing about him or giving him any air. Piers Morgan is a narcissist, a famewhore, a bully, a misogynist, a stalker and a toxic abuser. We’re not debating any of that – he openly heaped verbal abuse on the Duchess of Sussex for years, on air, in front of millions of viewers every day on Good Morning Britain. He felt so entitled to Meghan that he ripped her to shreds on a daily basis because she refused to pay attention to him. He is toxic white male aggrievement personified, and he has a stupid face to boot.

Piers has still been in the news constantly since he had some kind of thin-skinned meltdown on GMB following the Sussexes’ interview. Within a day, he was fired/allowed to resign from GMB and it turned out that there were thousands of complaints about him, yet Meghan got the blame/credit for ending his GMB career. He’s spent his post-GMB time throwing Twitter tantrums about everything under the sun, from cancel culture to racism to Gayle King:

Piers Morgan has ripped fellow TV host Gayle King for acting as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s “PR mouthpiece” after she dished about the couple’s latest gripes over their split from the royal family.

“Hi @GayleKing — rather than acting as your Sussex friends’ PR mouthpiece to facilitate their ongoing public trashing of our Royal Family, how about doing your job as a journalist and ask them about all the lies they told in @Oprah’s interview?” Morgan tweeted the CBS host Wednesday. “America should hear THE truth,” he insisted.

Morgan’s ongoing insistence that the duchess lied during her bombshell Oprah interview ultimately led to the 55-year-old former tabloid editor quitting as host of the TV show “Good Morning Britain” — following a formal complaint from Markle. Morgan, meanwhile, insisted Wednesday that it was not “‘racist’ to disbelieve someone who’s telling lies.” He added, “You don’t have to agree with a word I say to support my right to have my own opinions.”

[From Page Six]

“It’s not ‘racist’ to disbelieve someone who’s telling lies” says the toxic white man who publicly stalked and harassed a Black woman and then accused that same woman of lying about the racism she experienced. Might I suggest that it is pretty f–king racist? Anyway, a pig is a pig and the whole reason I decided to even talk about this deplorable douchebag is because he will probably find himself employed again sooner rather than later. As much as we wanted to declare victory that we had successfully pushed Piers out of his GMB post, racist white misogynists always land on their feet. In the UK media, that is.

Piers Morgan has always divided TV audiences, but he gained new notoriety this month after taking on the Duchess of Sussex. With two combative UK media outlets about to launch, that could help him land his next job.

Two new UK media ventures — former BBC host Andrew Neil’s GB News and Rupert Murdoch’s News UK TV — are preparing to launch. They’re expected to replicate the contentious and personality-driven political discussions that dominate US cable and talk radio, but are largely absent from British television. And Morgan, a high-profile and outspoken critic of “woke” culture, would be a natural fit.

“He’s certainly someone who generates publicity,” said Patrick Barwise, co-author of the book “The War Against the BBC” and emeritus professor of management and marketing at London Business School. “He would fit that model very well.”

In a recent interview on the BBC, Neil said that Morgan “would be a huge asset to GB News,” and that he’d be “delighted” to talk with him if he’s interested. “Could we find a role for Piers Morgan? Of course we could,” said Neil, who is the network’s founding chairman. “Any network worth its salt could find a role for a broadcaster of his caliber.”

Murdoch’s News UK TV declined to comment on whether it had made the former tabloid newspaper editor an offer. Morgan is fanning gossip about his next move, which includes speculation that he could land in the United States. When The Sun tabloid ran a story with the headline that Morgan was at the center of a £10 million ($13.9 million) bidding war, he tweeted: “Just 10?”

“There is a lot of interest in securing my services,” he told CNN Business, while declining to comment on specific offers.

[From CNN]

So, basically, two new cable news channels are launching in the UK and both want a “legacy” name to help draw attention to their launches and Piers is just the kind of sniveling, whiny, reprehensible, spineless a–hole they’re looking for. I assume both networks will be modeled after Fox News and feature a lot of white men being disgusting about trumped-out “culture wars.” Ugh.

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