Russell Dickerson Teases His Evolved Sound, Writing In Quarantine & Why He’s Enjoying The Pause

Russell Dickerson has been going nonstop since 2014 & now, as the world literally stands still, he’s finding the beauty in the breakdown. The country crooner spoke to HL in an EXCLUSIVE interview!

After “Yours” became a sweeping hit and pretty much everyone’s wedding song, Russell Dickerson‘s career skyrocketed, and the country artist has been hustling every since. Now, as the Coronavirus pandemic has put the world in a standstill, the singer is continuing to work on new music int he comfort of his home, while also enjoy moments he would have missed while out on the road — like his wife’s pregnancy. “This is our seventh year of grinding and grinding and grinding. If you look in the Bible, it’s the seventh year is the Sabbath year. My and my wife had that realization and were like, ‘Whoa, holy cow. This is like this is way bigger than than us,” Russell explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with “What feels like a delay is not a delay for God, basically. I’m just trying to let go and know it’s going to be all good.”

Russell was due to embark on tour with summer with his BFF Thomas Rhett, but instead, he’ll be cuddled up beside his wife, Kailey, who is expecting their first child in fall. Despite not playing stadiums this summer, Russell did tease that his new music will have a “big sound” that will be perfect for when we return to normalcy once again! “It’s definitely more mature,” he admitted. And, in typical Russell fashion, it will have us in our feelings — even more so than usual. “I feel like with the new songwriting — with ‘Yours,’ I had only been married 6 months. Now, being married for 6 years, it’s a different story.”

He continued, “I have a different story to tell. Love grows and changes, and it’s not always easy. Then, there’s going to be another song called ‘Home Sweet,’ which is about buying a house. It’s just all kinds of life stories.” Russell added that his latest single, “Love You Like I Used To” is a continuation of “Yours” and his love story with Kailey. “It’s another one everyone can add to their love song arsenal and it also shows that I’m here to stay,” he said. “So many people are skeptical towards people’s sophomore album and I wanted to completely disprove that right out of the gate, like ‘Boom. This is still my sound.’” Listen to “Love You Like I Used To,” out now!

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