Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Edwards: Actually Expecting Baby #2!

Ryan Edwards suddenly has a brand new reason to stay clean, sober and out of jail.

Or, to be more specific, Ryan Edwards will have a brand new reason to stay clean, sober and out of jail … in about six months.

That is when he and wife Mackenzie will welcome their second child into the world.

Oh, yes, folks, Ryan is about to be a father once again!

This exciting, unexpected and sort of frightening news was broken late on Friday by Mackenzie herself, as she shared a very clear sonogram photo on her Instagram page and wrote as a caption:

Baby Girl Edwards is coming in January!

So there you have it: an approximate due date AND a gender reveal, all wrapped up in one scary sentence.

Scary, that is, only due to Ryan’s history as a father and simply as a human being in general.

He and Mackenzie share a son named Jagger.

The very young man was born just this past October — but Edwards was not around for the birth because he was in rehab for the third time due to drug and alcohol abuse.

Just a few months after being released, Edwards went to prison for 90 more days after he was arrested on a charge of theft and also for an outstanding warrant in connection to a past drug possession charge.

(In this latest instance, Edwards was accused of ordering six whiskey drinks at a bar in January, only to exit the establishment without paying his tab.)

The disgraced Teen Mom star has been in and out of both rehab and prison for years.

He rose to fame back in the day as the father of a now-10-year old son named Bentley, who he shares with veteran MTV personality Maci Bookout.

(Mackenzie, meanwhile, is the mother of Hudson, her son from her first marriage.)

As recently as last year, Mackenzie and Ryan said they were leaving Teen Mom because, in their view, producers did not want someone in the cast who had been so closely and frequently involved with drugs.

But the couple just recently returned for the start of a new season.

They seem to be strangely stable, as well, at least in terms of having no plans to ever get divorced.

Yes, Ryan has been abusing drugs for nearly the entirety of their relationship.

And, yes, he allegedly went on Tinder, hit on women and asked to be hooked up with cocaine as soon as he left rehab late last year.

But Mackenzie has made it clear, long before this pregnancy reveal went viral, that she is committed to her marriage.

Asked by a follower in March if she had plans to leave her husband, Mackenzie responded as sharply as possible.

“Hell no,” she wrote online.

To Mackenzie’s credit, she has refrained from trashing Ryan in public as well, despite the reality star giving his wife plenty of understandable reasons to do so, especially over the past several months.

“You deal with your crap at home,” she told fans this spring, adding:

“That’s how I was raised, and that’s how I’m going to be. I’m not going to publicly humiliate him. That does not work and I believe that’s so disrespectful to do that.”

That’s actually admirable, we guess.

But Mackenzie and Ryan are certainly in it for the long haul now.

They’re about to welcome their second kid as husband and wife and fourth overall between them.

And just think: all Edwards has to do is be present for the little girl’s birth and it’ll be an improvement on last time, too.

Way to set a very low bar for yourself, dude.

Seriously, though, we hope you have learned from your past mistakes and we do wish you and Mackenzie the best here. Don’t eff it up, Ry Guy.

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