Ryan Edwards: I Don’t Care What Maci Bookout Says! I’m Seeing My Damn Son!

As we've said many, many times over the past few years, Ryan Edwards is making a very strong case for himself as the worst baby daddy in the history of the Teen Mom franchise.

David Eason might have him beat in the abuse department, but Edwards' bullying of son Bentley was pretty appalling to watch.

And when it comes to neglect, no one can hold a candle to our guy Ryan.

For a long time, Ryan wasn't allowed to see Bentley, and he didn't seem terribly bothered by that fact.

Now that Ryan has been offered an opportunity to re-enter his son's life, he seems shockingly indifferent about the situation.

Keep scrolling for a complete breakdown of Edwards' latest idiocy.

1.Father and Child Reunion

2.A Rocky Relationship

3.The Bigger Person

4.A Difficult Decision

5.Tough But Fair

6.The More Things Change …

7.Hey, It's a Party, Right?

8.Ryan's Idea of a Good Time

9.The Ultimatum

10.A Mature Proposal

11.Yeah, No

12.A Major Step

13.Moves Like Jagger

14.Maci's Take

15.Jen's Offer

16.A Step In the Right Direction?

17.Words of Wisdom

18.A New Start

19.On the Outs


21.Not Cool

22.Maci's Rage


24.We Wish That Too

25.Doofus of the Week

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