S***! Phillip Schofield begs astonished fans for help after beauty treatment goes wrong

Phillip Schofield’s bizarre beauty treatment

Phillip Schofield’s face mask beauty treatment slithered across his face as he tried desperately to control it

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This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield, 60, grimaced and groped at his face as he grappled with a new face mask beauty treatment.

“Ahh, I’m RUBBISH at this – it’s stuck in my eye!” he exclaimed in view of his three million Instagram followers, as he reclined on his bed and desperately tried to reposition the transparent mask.

“I’m definitely gonna need practise here!” (sic) he admitted, before exclaiming it looked like a scene from a “horror movie”.

His hydrogel face mask had promised to hydrate, firm and even his skin tone, while giving him a “youthful glow” – but by the end of his attempts to position it correctly, Phillip was in fits of hysterical laughter.

His verdict? “I’m so s*** at this!”

Phillip Schofield battles with his beauty regime

Phillip Schofield wasn’t confident about how to apply his face mask correctly, tweaking it repeatedly as he grimaced

Phillip Schofield tugs at his face

Phillip Schofield admitted that he had no idea to position his mask, while cursing at the camera

Phillip Schofield’s reaction turns to laughter

After abandoning his serious demeanour, Phillip Schofield gave up and collapsed into laughter

Phillip Schofield’s horror movie clip

Phillip Schofield shared a snap of his abandoned face mask, quipping that it looked like an accessory to a horror movie

Phillip Schofield’s ill-fated face mask wrapper

Phillip Schofield shared the wrapper for his face mask afterwards, joking,ly apologising to Bro Mask that it wasn’t the brand, but him

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