Seann Walsh says doesn’t deserve to be demonised over Katya Jones snog scandal

Strictly star Seann Walsh had a controversial innings on the show, succumbing to the fated Strictly curse and being snapped snogging his married pro partner, Katya Jones.

The comedian also had a girlfriend at the time, who proved much less forgiving than Katya's husband Neil, who put it down to "drunken mistake."

They separated earlier this year, claiming the kiss wasn't behind the shock split.

Now Seann has lashed out at his treatment following the surfacing of the pics, claiming he doesn't deserve to be demonised over it.

Speaking to fellow funnyman Richard Herring on his Leicester Square Theatre podcast, the 34 year old said: "No one wants to hear me stick up for myself but I wish I'd stuck up for myself at the time. It's with a tough year mentally, I lost a lot personally and job wise.

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"I think I did go through – I don't mind saying it wasn't fair, it wasn't right – but I didn't deserve it…I still wake up some days and it feels like it happened yesterday and it's traumatic.

"I'm not looking for sympathy, these are the facts."

He continued: "I was demonised and it was so strange and all the hatred that was thrown your way. You're losing control of who you are.

"It does affect me and you'll see people on the tube if they recognise me and you get paranoid and think, 'Do they recognise me?'

"You live in this paranoid fear.

"Sometimes I forget. Before I was very self-conscious of being out in public when someone catches your eye and you think they recognise you. I'm very paranoid."

He also related how a joke from a fellow comedian hit him hard, just when he was starting to feel better.

"One of the things that happened when everything got to me so much," he said, "I got put in a hotel as there were people outside my flat.

"On the Friday I was feeling OK and put on Have I Got News For You and there was a joke from Richard Ayoade and it was a picture of a clear diary and he said it was my diary."

Seann was accused of gaslighting after the scandal broke – Rebecca Humphries claimed Seann branded her "psycho" and "nuts" for being concerned about how close he'd grown to Katya.

To add insult to injury, the kiss took place on Rebecca's birthday.

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