Shawn Mendes Dishes On Watching Camila Cabellos Creative Process While Making Her New Album

Shawn Mendes is dishing on being around girlfriend Camila Cabello 24/7 during quarantine.

In a new interview, the 23-year-old “Summer of Love” singer opened up about how they were around to see each other create their new songs.

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“Obviously both of you are releasing things, you know, she’s working, you’re working, but you’ve always maintained this really incredible professional separation, while being able to maintain this beautiful relationship that clearly, I mean, you’ve learned a lot over the summer, yeah?” host Zach Sang asked.

“Oh yeah. I mean, yeah, I think for us, we were both doing this before we started dating, so this is just like as usual, and the dating part is the new kind of injection into our lives and that part isn’t so public,” Shawn replied.

“This is just like we’re used to it, and it’s even better now because I get to be a part of her process and learn from her, and hopefully hopefully she gets to learn something from me and be a part of my process,” he continued. “I feel like I got to watch her create ‘Don’t Go Yet’ and watch her create this album that she’s been working on, and it’s just been an amazing process and she’s just like crazy talented. That’s just the truth.”

“[It’s new] and it’s rare too. You don’t get to really be around an artist making their album 24/7. It’s a really special thing,” Shawn added. “I’m usually the artist making the album, not being able to see what it’s like when someone else is doing it.”

“It’s a crazy roller coaster. Like, it’s up and down, and I don’t like it, I do like it. This sucks, this is amazing. This is not artistic, this is artistic. We’re pretty crazy.”

Shawn also opened up about how being around Camila making her music and living in Miami and being around Latin culture has influenced his music. Check out his full interview below!

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