Sister Wives Shocker: Kody and Robyn Brown Splurge on Arizona Mansion

Earlier this month, we posed a very important question in regard to the Sister Wives universe.

Based on what we had heard about some of this show’s cast members, along with what had been spotted by witnesses in Flagstaff, where the family now resides, we tried to speak for many fans when wondered:


Is Meri moving away?

Is Robyn actually unhappy?

Were U-Haul trucks spotted in the area because filming is finally underway on a new season?

We don’t have all the answers to these questions, but The Daily Mail just reported on something of a shocker when it comes to Kody Brown and one of the many women who has given birth to his children.

Kody and his fourth wife, Robyn, just closed on a mammoth home in Arizona, allegedly dropping $900,000 on a 4,400 square foot mansion.

It has five bedrooms and four bathrooms and a four-car garage and was built in 2007.

According to Coconino County legal documents, the deal was finalized on August 30, with Kody and Robyn listed as the “husband and wife” owners on the official deed of trust

We’re not merely reporting on some real estate transaction here, though.

We’re getting a fascinating look into the world of Sister Wives and to whom Kody clearly gives preferential treatment.

Just consider…

Kody’s second spiritual wife Janelle, who is a mother of six, rents a modest two-story, 2,300 square foot, three bed, two and a half bath home for $2,900 a month.

Then there’s Christine, also mother of six, who recently purchased a two-story 2,400, three bed, three bath home for $520,000 in 2018.

Robyn clearly has the best of all these accommodations, confirms a source to The Daily Mail.

“Even her previous rental home in Flagstaff was almost 7,000 square feet. Basically double the size of the other three wives’ homes,” explains this individual.

Courtesy of Zillow, here’s a look at Kody and Robyn’s new abode:

For the record, Robyn and Kody’s new home, as well as Christine’s home, are NOT part of the 20-acre, $820,000 property Kody purchased in 2018.

This is property on whic the Browns reportedly owed more than $2,100 on after failing to pay taxes — and on which the aforementioned moving trucks were just spotted two weeks ago.

It’s all a bit confusing, although this purchase does perhaps signify that talk of a feud between Robyn and the other Sister Wives may be legitimate.

How will it all play out on air?

It sounds like we may finally know when we’ll find out, as a new season is tentatively scheduled to begin on Janiary 7, 2020.

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