‘Situation is unlikely to improve’ Jeremy Clarkson details profit woes amid issue on farm

Jeremy Clarkson shows off his new cow

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Jeremy Clarkson has candidly admitted that his plan to buy sheep to tend to the grass on his farm appeared more “brilliant” to him initially than it has worked out to be in reality. The star, who purchased the flock for his Diddly Squat Farm in Chipping Norton, Cotswolds, explained that he has gained more issues than benefits from looking after the animals.

Jeremy detailed the struggles he has faced with the sheep so far, including tending to their numerous health issues and dealing with the damage after they “vandalise” his farm.

He penned in his latest column: “They knock over walls, or open the hen-house door so Mr Fox can get in, or they defecate in their own water troughs.

“If you have sheep, and I have 78 of the damn things, you can do nothing with your life except look after them.”

Jeremy went on to address the misconception that keeping sheep is profitable for farmers these days.

He quipped: “Now of course, you might think that it’s all worthwhile because I can sell their wool every year and flog their babies to the supermarket.

“Ha. We learned this week that the wool from one sheep now fetches just 20p. 

“Which means that rather than trying to sell it, farmers are simply burning it.”

Instead of burning it, Jeremy has been using the wool as insulation in his new home.


He divulged: “Me? I used it as cavity insulation in the house I’m building.”

Jeremy went on to say he doesn’t think the problems he is dealing with will improve, as people don’t tend to wear wool much anymore.

He added in his column for The Sun: “This situation is unlikely to improve until people stop wearing football shirts and tracksuits. 

“Which is, let’s think, not going to happen.”

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Jeremy continued that he also hasn’t had much luck with getting profit from their meat.

The Grand Tour host explained: “And there’s a similar problem with the meat.    

“Because incredibly, the lamb I’ll sell, at cost, in my own farm shop will be more expensive than the lamb in a supermarket, which has been shipped here from New Zealand.”

He then fumed: “Plus, it’s a shrinking market thanks to the ridiculous idea on social media that veganism is somehow good for the planet.”

However, despite Jeremy’s complaints, he may find getting rid of his flock more difficult than he imagines.

It comes after the star started getting emotionally attached to his sheep during an early episode of his hit Amazon Prime show, Clarkson’s Farm.

Viewers saw Jeremy getting tearful when he had to take three ewes to the abattoir to be put down.

In the final episode of Clarkson’s Farm, it was revealed that Jeremy had made just £144 in his first year of the business, after taking away huge costs from his profits.

Some of the star’s cash was spent on a £40,000 Lamborghini tractor, which he then discovered was too big for his barn.

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