So sick of him! Fuming Stacey Solomon calls out Joe Swash for irritating antics at home

Stacey Solomon shares heartfelt moment with her kids

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Ridiculing her fiance’s efforts at domesticity, Stacey Solomon put Joe Swash on the spot while she filmed his reaction to hearing of his latest blunder. The pair have been working hard on revamping Pickle Cottage as they settle in with their blended family – but Stacey was fuming when she discovered that, yet again, Joe’s carelessness had killed her flowers.

Did you know that if you put fresh flowers above a radiator, they’ll die?

Stacey Solomon

“Fun fact of the day, ” she announced.

“Did you know that if you put fresh flowers above a radiator, they’ll die?”

Joe chortled at her while holding their baby daughter Rose in his arms, hitting back: “That is a rubbish fact!”

“But did you know that fact?” a slightly frustrated Stacey persisted.

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“Course I did!” he laughed.

“Well then, why do you keep putting my fresh flowers on the radiator and killing them?” she exclaimed.

She added in her Stories caption: “Not a fun fact really. I’m just so sick of him killing my flowers when he’s pretending to tidy up tbh.(sic)

“So thought this would help him remember!”

Though Stacey is infuriated by his bad habits, the 40-year-old former soap star has certainly reformed in other ways – including leaving his partying days behind.

Joe admitted that although he enjoyed rowdy nights in clubs in his early days as an EastEnders actor, that lifestyle is all in his past.

In fact, he has changed so much that he says he can no longer even imagine going out to get drunk.

“When I first got on EastEnders I was like the ginger kid who could suddenly get into nightclubs, and I was free and easy, and I really enjoyed that period of time,” he revealed to The Sun.

“And then you grow up…”


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Joe is now almost twice as old as he was when he began in his EastEnders role as Mickey Miller, aged just 21 – and he has matured significantly.

He now has two children with Loose Women and The X Factor star Stacey – son Rex and baby daughter Rose.

Joe also has another son, Harry, from a previous relationship, and he is fully committed to step-parenting Stacey’s two eldest children, Leighton and Zachary – so it’s safe to say much of his current lifestyle involves family.

Looking back at the party-fuelled lifestyle of his younger years, Joe seems to barely recognise himself.

“When I look back it feels like a different person,” he confirmed.

“I could never imagine going out and getting drunk [now]!”

Perhaps, given his dramatic transformation and the harmonious life the couple enjoy while decorating Pickle Cottage and spending quality time together with the children, Stacey will overlook his indiscretions with her flowers.

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