Stacey Solomon mortified as she answers the door to handyman in saggy grey underwear

Stacey Solomon shows off her swimming pool at Pickle Cottage

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Stacey Solomon cringed in embarrassment as she told fans about how she had answered the door to a handyman while she was wearing “the greyest, saggiest” underwear. The pool on the grounds of the Loose Women star’s home had just been completed and she was celebrating by taking her children for a dip – but she didn’t bank on being interrupted by a handyman.

I didn’t bring myself out a bikini and a towel because I just thought I was watching on!

Stacey Solomon

The giggling BAFTA nominee joked that she had been “just living my best Bridget Jones life”.

Telling all on Instagram, she revealed: “I didn’t bring myself out a bikini and a towel because I just thought I was watching on, ready to jump in if needed!”

However, inevitably, her youngest child, daughter Rose, was keen to get into the pool.

Stacey found herself joining in without her swimwear, only to be interrupted by the arrival of a guest.

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“Rose wanted to jump in, so I thought ‘Oh, I’ll just wear my old, grey underwear’ and the man fixing the insinkerator came,” she explained, giggling with embarrassment.

“Just had to [get out of the pool and] open the door to [him] in the greyest, saggiest granny underwear ever!”

She added: “Pretty sure the fact that they’re soaking wet made them transparent in places.”

She then uploaded a close-up photo of herself modelling the offending underwear, zoning in on the print.

“Live footage of my granny knickers – poor guy!” she captioned the snap.

“My knickers are massive!” she chuckled, conceding: “I need to stock all the towels and stuff so I’m always prepared.”

It’s still early days for Pickle Cottage Pool, which had not been ready for use until last week, but Stacey and the kids have scarcely left the water since.

“It’s been a long, crazy process but it’s finally finished!” she wrote in celebration last Friday.

“I often feel like this should have never been ours. Like I’m a true imposter,” she added emotionally.

“I’m so aware of how lucky we are to have been able to bring this pool back to life again.

“I’m so excited to forever love it and look after it and respect the water for as long as we are lucky enough to have it.”

The results impressed former Love Island star Olivia Bowen, who warned Stacey that she was “coming to divebomb in ASAP”.

Stacey responded: “Aw liv I can’t wait for baby Bowen and Rose to swim together.”

She reported that they could not be prised out of the pool until rain started pouring from the skies.

On the other hand, her cocker spaniel was less impressed by the aquatic fun, with Stacey admitting he was “not interested in the water in the slightest”.

“He does love wearing his jacket and watching on [though],” she joked.

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