Stacey Solomon red-faced as Joe Swash’s costume for son’s birthday exposes a bit too much

Stacey Solomon giggles as Joe tries on his crab costume

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Stacey Solomon, 31, couldn’t contain her giggles as she realised that the Tamatoa costume she created for her fiancé Joe Swash, 39, to wear to their son Rex’s Moana-inspired birthday party looked a bit “inappropriate”. The creative Loose Women star had been busy working on the costume to replicate the giant crab from the Disney film, which is one of one-year-old Rex’s favourites.

However, she was left red-faced when Joe tried the skintight purple outfit on for the first time at home.

Documenting the hilarious moment for her 4.4 million Instagram followers, Stacey explained in a video: “I’m sitting here trying to make Joe’s costume for Rex’s birthday and I’m not sure it’s looking appropriate at the moment!”

Stacey even had to cover up Joe’s crotch in the clip with a GIF, marked “censored”.

“Oh my God just tuck it away, what the hell, just move it!” she exclaimed.

Joe quickly pointed out in response: “I don’t have anywhere to put it, it’s my penis!”

“Just get rid of it, why is it there?” Stacey squealed, as her older sons Leighton and Zachary could be heard chuckling in the background.

Detailing the awkward situation further in the captions, Stacey wrote: “Trying to make Joe a shiny Tamatoa Crab costume for Rex’s birthday and it’s not looking very appropriate for a toddler’s party.

“Think Tamatoa may have to wear a grass skirt on the day… my nieces and nephews and the boys think it’s very funny looking though.”


Stacey then shared a photo of Joe in the costume grinning for the camera while holding a plastic coconut to protect his modesty. 

She wrote alongside it: “I’m trying so so hard guys but I don’t know if it’s my costume or Hoe [Joe] but I’m crying – actual tears.

“Maybe his shiny shell and claws will help bring it together. 

“Send help,” the mum-of-three added.

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Stacey went on to film her struggles while trying to attach the arms onto the costume, while Joe complained about having to stand still for so long.

Giving up for the evening, Stacey told her fans: “I’m leaving this here tonight…

“I have no more energy left for this b*****y costume.

“I’ve been trying to sew these arms on in the right place for 2 hours but my model is an absolute jobsworth.”

“I can’t stay in this position, 100 per cent I can’t stay in this position,” Joe insisted to Stacey.

Stacey previously shared her family’s love for Moana as she posed for a selfie underneath a tree covered in blossom at Pickle Cottage.

The star penned alongside the stunning snap: “Feeling like real life Moana.

“The most random post ever I know but I really regretted not getting enough pictures with my magnolia before it turned to sticks so I just had to get one with the cherry blossom it makes me smile so much. 

“The colour, the smell, the way it falls. I’ll stop writing before I sound even more of a creepy weirdo Love you all. 

“Happy Thursday. P.S there is a lot of filter on here.”

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