Steph Curry’s Wife Ayesha Hilariously Reacts to Alleged Leaked Photos

Photos went viral on social media this week that were allegedly leaked intimate photos featuring Steph Curry… and now his wife Ayesha Curry is reacting to it all!

Sources have said that the photos aren’t actually of Curry and his agent told the Daily Mail that the man in the pics is “absolutely” not him.

Ayesha decided to have some fun on Friday (December 20) by making some eggplant references on her Instagram Stories.

“Love this drink SO much! But the [eggplant emoji] flavor is my fave!” she captioned a photo of a Guayaki drink.

Ayesha also had some eggplants in the kitchen while getting read to make a meal… eggplant parmesan!

Steph reacted by saying, “@ayeshacurry IG story got me crying laughing. So many [clown emojis] out here.”

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