Sterling K. Brown Says ‘Black Panther’ Traumatized His Son!

Sterling K. Brown‘s roles might have a lasting impression on his kids…

While making an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday (November 25), the This Is Us star dished on how his two sons — Andrew, 8, and Amaré, 4, whom he shares with wife Ryan Michelle Bathe — feel about his work.

Speaking of his role in Frozen 2, Sterling told Seth, “They are impressed by it. They’re not impressed that I’m in it.”

However, Andrew was apparently not fine after seeing Black Panther for the first time—a movie during which both Brown and his fictional son, played by Michael B. Jordan, die.

“He’s impressed with it, but here’s a note to the wise. If you take your son to a movie where the character that plays your son dies, he may have a traumatic effect,” Sterling explained. “When Killmonger died in the movie, first time in a movie—no, Pete’s Dragon was the first time he cried in a movie. This is the second time. But he was convulsing.”

“I had to, like, pick him up, sit him on my lap and rock him and tell him it was gonna be okay,” Sterling continued. “And afterwards, when we went to the after-party, he would not leave my side. He was like, ‘When are we going home? We’re going together. Until then, I’m not leaving you.’ It was beautiful. Probably. We got introduced to the MCU pretty early.”

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