Suge Knight gives son Jacob fatherly advice from prison

Suge Knight is giving his son love advice from behind bars.

As seen in an exclusive sneak peek of VH1’s new show “Love & Listings,” the disgraced music producer called his son Suge Jacob Knight from Richard Donovan Correctional Facility while serving time for running over and killing a man.

The clip begins with Jacob starting to shave his face. He then explains in a confessional that “the communication ban has been lifted,” saying, “I haven’t talked to my dad in three years. I want him to know that things are OK out here … This phone call means a lot to me. I really just want to hear my father’s voice.”

“They wouldn’t let me get no phone calls in the county jail,” Suge said. “No phone calls. No visits. And I wanted to hire an attorney, the judge had to approve it. The county counselor had to approve it. Bunch of bulls–t. Anyway, what’s good with you?”

“Getting ready to shave,” Jacob responded. “… I got facial hair now.”

“That little yellow peach fuzz you got right there?” Suge teased.

“It ain’t peach fuzz, dawg,” he smiled. “I been doing what you told me to do.”

“The only thing I know, is people say can get hair on your face is you know, it involves a woman,” Suge joked.

“No, no, man. I got the hair on my face, cuz, you know, I been doing my push-ups, you know what I’m saying?,” Jacob said as he wiped the shaving cream off of his face.

But Suge insisted to his son, “Push-ups makes your muscles grow, but push-ups don’t make hair on your face grow,” later adding that “making a woman feel good” does.

Suge, 54, was sentenced to 28 years behind bars in 2018 for running over and killing a man in 2015. He was out on bail for a robbery case when he repeatedly drove his pickup truck over Cle “Bone” Sloan and fatally hitting Terry Carter before leaving the scene. Sloan survived the attack.

Suge also told his son about women: “I used to always tell you, if you chase women, you’ll end up with no money. If you chase money, get the money, women chase you.”

Jacob assured his father that he was doing well, saying, “Before you went in, Pops, I was chasing the girls and stuff like that. But my head been focused.”

“My dad’s plan for me was to follow his lead and go into music,” he explained in a confessional. “But over the last couple of year, I realized that was his dream, not mine.”

He then told his father he wants to go into real estate. The eight-episode “Love & Listings” follows a group of up-and-coming agents from Southern California who work with celebrity clientele, including  Jermaine Dupri, Jordin Sparks, Amber Rose, Ray J, Brandy Norwood and Laz Alonso. Suge Jacob is a real estate trainee who wants to “recover his family legacy,” per a news release.

Jacob said he thought he “could make a lot of money” in real estate.

But Suge advised, “You know how you judge a man’s wealth? By his happiness.”

“His happiness?” Suge Jacob reaffirmed.

“So the most important thing about life is you gotta be happy, no matter what it is,” Suge continued. “If you’re so tired, you can’t tell the difference if you’re eating a lobster or you’re eating a hot dog. But if you’re gonna do real estate, be the best at it. Put your heart into it and give it your all.”

“Love & Listings” premieres Monday at 10 p.m. ET.

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