SZA Seemingly Reacts to Accusations That She Fakes Personal Information

The ‘All the Stars’ singer’s eyebrow-raising tweets arrive after a fan posted on March 2 a lengthy thread detailing everything that the person believed SZA was lying about, including her marine biology degree.

AceShowbizSZA appeared to have responded to the lying accusations that were leveled at her by a fan. In a series of tweets, the “Good Days” songstress wrote some cryptics messages that fans thought were her comments on the allegations.

“I hate it here,” so the singer wrote over the weekend. Seemingly not wanting to entertain the fan who accused her of lying about her personal information, SZA went on to say in a separate tweet, “I’d be dead if I gave a f**k.”

SZA also shared a message directed to herself. “Get over [email protected] myself,” the tweet read.

SZA appeared to respond to the lying accusations on Twitter.

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The eyebrow-raising tweets arrived after a fan posted on March 2 a lengthy thread detailing everything that the person believed SZA was lying about. The fan accused SZA of lying about never having a TV by posting a photo of SZA sitting in front of a TV. The person also shut down SZA’s claims that she’s “not a cake or pie person” as a picture featured her enjoying a birthday cake.

In the thread, the fan also alluded that the “All the Stars” singer allegedly lied about her freckles, saying that her freckles were actually “fake” and “badly drawn.” The account also mentioned about rumors that Drake “messed with Sza when she was minor”, writing, “She had to come out and clear up some things so people wouldn’t think she was a minor but all this did was reveal she’s been lying about her age. She claimed to be born in 1991 but her EP has her birth year [1989].”

The fan also claimed that SZA went to Delaware State and “didn’t graduate” despite saying that “she had a marine biology degree from an Ivy League school.” The person additionally accused the R&B singer of faking some trivial information about herself including her allergy to “most fruits and vegetables.”

Despite the allegations, the user insisted that the post wasn’t meant to urge people to cancel the “All the Stars” songstress. “Nobody is telling you to cancel Sza for some lying. Artists have done way worse and still get streams. They’re harmless lies. What makes it funny is how random and pointless the lies are. That’s all. It’s all fun and games. Just jokes. Y’all making it too deep lol,” said the user.

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