Taylor Swift Plans To Re-Record Her Old Songs Because Of The Scooter Braun Deal

Swifties know that no matter what, Taylor Swith always finds a way to make her music speak for itself. That’s the case with her most recent drama with Scooter Braun. After the producer bought her former label, Big Machine, Swift lost the rights to all her songs. But Swift won’t be held down for too long, and she’s announced that she’s taking back what’s hers. Taylor Swift plans to re-record her old songs because of the Scooter Braun deal, which means she’ll once again own her own music.

It all started earlier this summer when Braun bought the rights to the masters of Swift’s songs with his purchase of Big Machine Label Group. Even though Swift lost the rights to those original songs, there’s always been the possibility that she could re-record them. That’s the possibility that was posed to Swift in an interview for this week’s CBS Sunday Morning. Her interviewer, CBS News’ Tracy Smith, asked her if she might want to re-record and Swift said yes. When Smith pushed further and asked, ‘That’s a plan?" Swift responded, "Yeah, absolutely." With Swift making new recordings of her older songs, it looks like the pop star will once again have control over her full catalog. It also means that fans will probably be getting brand new versions of the classic songs they love.

The opportunity to re-record her original songs is definitely a win for Swift, especially after she made it clear to fans just how upset she was about Braun’s acquisition of her masters. After she found out about the sale of her songs to Braun (which she allegedly learned at the same time that it was announced to the public) Swift took to Tumblr to speak directly to her fans. She wrote:

Swift now produces music under Republic Records, as well as her own Taylor Swift Productions. She continued in her Tumblr post to say that she’s much happier with her current producing situation. She said:

Now that Swift feels better about her label, it makes sense that she now wants to take back her music. Even her fellow singers think it’s a good idea. In July, Kelly Clarkson tweeted to Swift that she supported her re-recording her music. Clarkson wrote:

It sounds like Clarkson might have perfectly predicted Swift’s future. Fans are in for a whole lot of new music from Swift when her album Lover drops on August 23. But along with the new songs, they’ll be able to enjoy all Swift’s classics all over again very soon.

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