‘Teen Mom’ Star Briana DeJesus Reveals She’s Getting Breast Reduction Surgery In Miami

Briana DeJesus is sizing down her chest in a major way for 2020. She says she’s undergoing breast reduction surgery to drop several cup sizes.

New year, new body! Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus is going under the knife again, and she claims to want a smaller chest. “Now I gotta get ready for this Miami trip,” the 25-year-old tweeted on Jan. 19. When a fan asked if she was going on a vacation, the mother of two responded, “Noooooo to get some A cup t***ies.” Her eight-year-old daughter Nova apparently helped spur on the decision, as Briana tweeted the following day, “Yoooo today nova told me that I need to stop showing my boob crack and I’m like what????? U mean cleavage. lmao ok mom you got it.”

One fan who is an A-cup warned her against it. User Tera tweeted the reply, “I’m an A; it’s sad,” while user El Desalmado told Bri, “Girl you got great boobs! Don’t change a thing.” During the comments, Brianna also revealed she’s having her derriere reduced as well. Fan Nancy asked, “Are you gonna take that ass down a few notches too??” and the MTV star responded, “Yupppppppp.”

Briana underwent a breast lift in Feb. 2018, seven months after giving birth to her second daughter Stella, 2. She got a “mommy makeover” courtesy of  Dr. Michael Salzhauer, who is also known as Dr. Miami. In addition to the breast lift, she got a tummy tuck and had her butt contoured. In a series of pics at the time she wrote, “18 days post op! Progress!!!! Can’t wait to hit the gym next month!” revealing pics of her smaller breasts and rear-end. In one she wrote, “No more big butt” and “No more big boobs either,” on a second photo. Now she’s going even smaller with both!

Briana has been very open about her plastic surgeries. In 2016 she told Radar Online , “I’m going to get another breast augmentation.  I am going to go bigger. I had a breast augmentation done a few months ago. It’s a C now. I like the size that they are, but I want to go bigger.” She also went larger with her behind, getting a Brazilian butt lift. “That is taking fat from my stomach and back and putting it into my butt and thighs. I like my butt now, but I just want to have everything be perfect.” She explained had felt self-conscious about how her body had changed after giving birth to Nova, who was four at the time.

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