The Chases Bradley Walsh calls security as comedian Joe Pasquale replaces him

Bradley Walsh was in for a rude awakening after being replaced as host of The Chase by a fellow comedian in a clip from Sunday’s episode of the hit ITV show.

As the opening credits of the show concluded and the lights dimmed, a squeaky voice could be heard welcoming in viewers – who were quick to realise it wasn’t Bradley they were being greeted by.

"Hello, and welcome to The Chase. I'm Bradley Walsh, TV's luckiest man,” the replacement host said as the camera zoomed in to reveal Joe Pasquale, who cheekily added: “And once again, I'll be asking questions I can barely read – let alone understand.”

“Cut!” Security!” Bradley could be heard yelling with his back to the camera over in the control room instead of his usual position in the studio.

Joe was quickly ushered away in the hilarious opening footage part of The Chase’s Bloopers episode which aired over the weekend.

Back in the control room, Bradley swivelled his chair around to introduce the show: "Yes, it's me, the real Brad. And I'm not really the director – they only let me sit in the chair if I promise not to touch anything.”

The ITV star remained in the room the entire episode as he presented more funny clips for fans to enjoy, including one which saw Bradley stripped down to his boxers whilst being painted by a contestant.

Viewers were left relieved when they realised that Bradley – who remains very popular as leading man of the gameshow since first taking helm in 2009 – hadn’t actually been replaced by Joe.

“No one could never replace Bradley Walsh on The Chase!" one fan commented.

"I don't care you could be in the worst mood but Bradley Walsh on The Chase bloopers will make you laugh so much!" a second viewer wrote.

This clip comes after Bradley recently opened up about being warned by doctors that he needed to alter his habits in order to have more chance of living a longer life.

After losing his father to heart disease at age 59, the comedian saw himself reaching and surpassing his 60th birthday as major milestones.

Bradley has now cut out alcohol and fatty foods following medical advice and aims to stick to a healthier diet as well as keep up a frequent exercise regime.

“I’m back boxing training now. Full time. I’ve done about a stone and a half in weight,” The Chase star told The Sun in 2020.

“I was a time bomb. I produce too much cholesterol. It’s a silent killer. My heart guy said, ‘Look, Brad, you need to get fit.’”

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