‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Kept Messing Up Scenes in ‘A Very Brady Renovation: Holiday Edition’ for This Hilarious Reason

If you’re a fan of “ThePioneer Woman” star Ree Drummond, then you know how much she loves “TheBrady Bunch.” The Food Network star has spoken highly of the show and theactors on her social media pages. Drummond recently filmed a Christmas episodewith the original cast titled “A Very Brady Renovation: Holiday Edition.” Here’sthe funny reason she had to keep re-shooting scenes with the cast.

Ree Drummond had a surprising reaction to her special ‘Brady Bunch’ episode

Before shooting “The Brady Bunch” holiday special, Drummond hosted a special Brady Bunch-themed episode on “The Pioneer Woman.” She told her fans she just couldn’t contain her emotions when she saw the house. Drummond shared an Instagram video of her reaction when she first stepped into the renovated Brady home. She became so overwhelmed with memories that she started to cry. Drummond told her fans this show meant a lot to her because it reminded her of a certain time in her life. Here’s what she shared with her fans:

I’M NOT CRYING, YOU’RE CRYING. This was my reaction after I first walked into the Brady house for the first time. I had to stop filming and get myself together. Hard to explain why, but I know many of you understand. The show was tied to such a specific time, and it triggered such a rush of memories. You can watch my whole nostalgic experience (including cooking in the Brady kitchen!!) this Saturday morning on @foodnetwork at 10 ET/9 CT!

This made Ree Drummond smile

Although filming that “Brady Bunch” episode made Drummondcry, it also brought a smile to her face. Drummond posted a message on her Instagrampage announcing she had a fun episode planned for “The Pioneer Woman” show. Shetold her fans she was so thrilled about the special Brady episode that shecouldn’t help but have a “dorky-happy” smile on her face. Here’s what Drummondposted:

Where am I? (And more specifically… which room??) If you don’t know, you probably a) were born after 1985 or b) haven’t been watching “A Very Brady Renovation” on @hgtv on Monday nights! (Third episode is on tonight—you will love it.) Anyway, I got to borrow the house from the Bradys to cook a meal in the newly renovated (but 100% spot on authentic) kitchen… and it was truly one of the best times my born-in-1969 self has ever, ever had. You’ll get to see my wide-eyed excitement (and 70’s food!) this Saturday morning at 10 Eastern on @foodnetwork! (Just look at that dorky-happy smile on my face. I LOVED IT SO MUCH!)

Why Ree Drummond kept messing up her scenes on ‘A Very Brady Renovation: Holiday Edition’

Drummond told ‘TV Guide’ that “The Brady Bunch” was a veryspecial part of her life when she was growing up. “It was surreal,” she told thepublication. “I watched the show every day after school. I memorized episodesand scenes and felt like the characters were my own siblings.”

Perhaps Drummond memorized the episodes a little too well. She told “TV Guide” they had to keep doing retakes of scenes from the holiday special because she kept calling the actors by their TV character names. Maybe she thought they really were her siblings for a minute!

“A Very Brady Renovation: Holiday Edition” airs on HGTV Monday,December 16, at 10/9c. You can also catch a rebroadcast on December 17 andDecember 25. Check your local listings for times.

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