The Truth Behind John F. Kennedy Jr And Carolyn Bessette's Troubled Marriage

It has been 20 years since John F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife, Carolyn Bessette, tragically died in a plane crash and the couple’s longtime friend, Steven M. Gillon is shedding light on their troubled marriage. In a new interview, Gillon revealed that Kennedy and Bessette’s marriage was falling apart at the time of their death and that their final trip together was a last-ditch attempt to salvage their relationship.

The truth behind Kennedy’s troubled marriage

Gillon wrote a biography on Kennedy’s life – America’sReluctant Prince: The Life of John F. Kennedy Jr. – that inspired a recentdocumentary on A& E titled Biography:JFK Jr. – The Final Year. The book and subsequent documentary feature rareimages of Kennedy and Bessette, along with some surprising details about theirrelationship.

In an interview with ExtraTV, Gillon opened up even more about Kennedy’s marriage and revealed thatdrugs played a big role in the unraveling of their union.

Gillon explained how Kennedy enjoyed smoking weed whileBessette was hooked on cocaine. Living in the spotlight also hurt theirmarriage as both of them felt “trapped” and “hunted.” Despite their issues,Gillon insists that Bessette refused to give up on the marriage and as long asshe held out hope Kennedy was not willing to part ways.

Their decision to attend a family wedding on the night of their fatal accident proved that Kennedy and Bessette were trying their best to make things work. Sadly, the pair never got the chance to see things through as their plane never made it to its destination.

Kennedy and Bessette fight in public

Fans may recall the time when Kennedy and Bessette got intoa public fight at Washington Square Park in February of 1996. Photographerswere on hand to catch the spat unfold, and things took a turn for the worse whenKennedy attempted to physically remove Bessette’s engagement ring.

Although the fight made headlines across the country, wenever knew what they were arguing about until now.

In his book, Gillon claims that the fight started becauseBessette felt like Kennedy needed to stand up for himself more. The couple hadrecently attended a wedding where Kennedy was invited to be the best man.Despite hardly knowing the groom and bride, Kennedy reluctantly agreed.

Bessette later found out that the only reason Kennedy was at the ceremony was that the bride wanted the New York Times to cover the wedding. She was then mad at Kennedy for not declining the offer and walking out of the ceremony.

While their fight in New York City was awful press, Kennedy and Bessette tied the knot later that year. The pair exchanged vows in a private ceremony on Cumberland Island and reportedly hoped that their marriage would stop the media from constantly hounding them. Little did they know that things would only get worse.

Gillon claims Kennedy and Bessette were not ready for fame

In his explosive interview, Gillon claimed that Kennedy andBessette were not prepared to deal with the paparazzi when they got married.The couple incorrectly believed that their lives would quiet down after theytied the knot, but things only got worse.

Instead of leaving them alone, the press doubled down ontheir efforts to cover their relationship – which only put more strain on theiralready stressed marriage.

As far as Bessette is concerned, she felt as though thepaparazzi treated her terribly. After they got married, Bessette went through ahorrible time and there was nothing she could do to change it. While Kennedywas constantly being covered in the media, Bessette struggled to find her own identitywithin the confines of their relationship. Her usual energetic personality tooka big hit and she started to feel trapped in the marriage.

While things were looking bad, Bessette never gave up onKennedy and tried to push him to stand up for himself, both in his personallife and in the media.

Fans can watch the new John F. Kennedy Jr., Biography: JFK Jr. – The Final Year, onA&E.

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