These Tweets About Blake’s ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Relationships Are So Rough

Blake Horstmann might be a former Bachelorette favorite, but you don’t have to be a franchise expert to know that too much attention in Bachelor Nation can lead to disastrous consequences. On Bachelor in Paradise, he’s already brewed trouble as his IRL hookups popped up on the beach as contestants. His defense of maintaining all of these relationships hasn’t been the best, so these tweets about Blake’s Bachelor in Paradise relationships are seriously preaching to the choir.

On the first episode of Season 6 of Paradise, Blake was initially vibing with Hannah Godwin before asking Tayshia Adams out on a date, as they had previously met at the Stagecoach country music festival in April. Hannah quickly recovered from the blow and cozied up to Dylan Barbour, but Tayshia and Blake’s date upset Caelynn Miller-Keyes, who explained that she and Blake were previously on the verge on dating. She hooked up with him one night and woke up the next morning to find him messaging Hannah G. Blake then reportedly told her that he had spent the night previous to their hookup with Kristina Schulman, who appeared on Season 4 of Paradise and reportedly dated Blake in 2018.

After Kristina invited Blake on a Paradise date, she used the private time to accuse him of disrespecting her. She was well aware of him spending the night after their reunion with Caelynn, and it turns out that both of these meetings were also at Stagecoach. Who knew country music was such an aphrodisiac?

No surprise, but fans on Twitter have been quick to share their feelings about Blake’s fall from grace.

As if Blake running away from Caelynn and Kristina as they arrived wasn’t bad enough, his date with Kristina entailed more weak explanations and avoidance of the truth. Kristina called him out on disrespecting her by being with Caelynn right after her, telling him, "Ultimately, it really hurt my feelings, the way you handled it."

Blake didn’t agree with Kristina feeling humiliated about this, which inspires a rant for a whole other time, but Bachelor Nation has basically summed up my thesis on it online.

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