These Tweets About Serena P. Leaving ‘The Bachelor’ Tell It Like It Is

As Season 25 of The Bachelor winds down, more and more contestants are forced to pack their bags and say their goodbyes, not only to Matt James, but to viewers at home as well. Despite being a major frontrunner throughout the season, contestant Serena Pitt painfully self-eliminated during the Feb. 22 hometowns episode. After introducing Matt to her family, she realized things just weren’t right. And fans’ tweets about Serena P. leaving The Bachelor show that while she or Matt might not have seen this coming, social media sure did.

Going into the Feb. 22 episode, Serena P. was the contestant to beat. The 22-year-old publicist from Canada managed to snag not one, but two 1-on-1 dates throughout the season. She and Matt did "romantic" things like ride horses through the woods and even practiced tantric yoga together. In fact, it was Serena P. who introduced Matt to the art of charcuterie boards (which he now takes v. seriously). Each time they got together, it seemed like Matt was impressed with Serena P.’s honesty and candor.

It was this honesty, however, that made some fans question whether Serena and Matt were meant to be. After their Feb. 15 tantra date, many viewers felt there wasn’t much chemistry between the pair. Still, after Serena told Matt the activity wasn’t her style (which could explain what looked like a lack of sizzle), she walked away with a rose.

For her date, Serena created a Canada-themed day, which included everything from quizzing him on Canada’s history and culture to serving him Canadian dishes and playing ice hockey. As the couple headed into the night portion of the date, Matt told the cameras he could see himself spending the rest of his life with her. And while Serena seemed confident in their bond heading into the night, after talking with her family, she realized she had some major doubts.

Prior to the rose ceremony, Matt decided to talk with Serena to try to find out where her head was at. After Matt told Serena he could see a future with her, she admitted her hesitation was more than just fear. "I think it just comes down to the fact that I don’t think you’re my person," she told him.

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