This Is ‘LHH: NY’ Star Rah Ali’s Response After Cardi B’s BFF Star Brim Says She’ll ‘Spank’ Her

During her podcast ‘Keepin’ It Blue’, Star Brim says she would have ‘spanked’ the VH1 personality if she were at the Harper’s Bazaar party, where Cardi and Nicki Minaj infamously fought.

AceShowbizNicki Minaj and Cardi B have been remaining quiet about their beef for a while now, but their friends are certainly not. The latter’s best friend, Star Brim, recently said that she would have spanked Nicki’s pal Rah Ali if she were at the Harper’s Bazaar party last year, when Nicki and Cardi were infamously fighting.

In the first episode of her new podcast “Keepin’ It Blue”, Star said that Nicki and Rah were lucky that she wasn’t there when the fight took place. “Listen, let me tell you something. If I was at that s**t, I would have spanked Rah,” she said. “If I see Rah right now, I’ll still spank Rah. So it really don’t matter. And if I could have got to Nicki, you feel me, then it would have went down too but that b***h is well-protected. It would not have went down the way it went down.”

Rah has apparently responded to the claims, though it looks like she’s not really worried about it. TMZ reported that the “Love & Hip Hop: New York” star thought it was merely Star’s “poor attempt to get her 15 minutes of fame.” Rah also allegedly said that Star needs to focus on herself rather than worrying about last year’s fight.

Star has yet to respond back, but she has doubled down on her claim in an Instagram post. She wrote on Friday, August 23, “Never did I ever say rah touched cardi cus she DIDN’T. What I said which I can say again!!! Is if I was there it would have went down differently. My friend was there alone defending herself by her self and if I was there she would have had me right by her side.”

“N before security would have elbowed her it would have been me elbowed cus when it comes to my friends I’m front n center!” she continued. “I was asked a question n I answered it….PERIOD.”

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