Tolerance of different points of view! Alan Titchmarsh hits out at cancel culture

Eamonn Holmes chats to Alan Titchmarsh about being a grandad

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Love Your Garden presenter Alan Titchmarsh has hit out at cancel culture, making a passionate appeal of acceptance for “different points of view”. The former Ground Force star, 72, spoke candidly about one of the central themes of his latest novel, which promotes “acceptance” of things, even if we don’t “really know how [they] work.”

I’m just really making a cri de coeur for tolerance

Alan Titchmarsh

Speaking about his new book, The Gift, the horticulturalist addressed one of the central themes that runs through the work of fiction.

Alan said: “With cancel culture and intolerance of different opinions so common at the moment, I’m just really making a cri de cœur for tolerance of things we don’t understand and different points of view.”

His latest novel is set in his native Yorkshire and explores themes such as life and death, alongside love and faith.

Following the Gabriel family, character Adam Gabriel has the ability to heal animals and also people.

Speaking about his unusual gift, the gardener told how he wanted it to be “seen” by readers.

Alan said: “I don’t want people to be put off by thinking, ‘Oh, it’s a book about faith healing or one of those quacky things,’.

“I just wanted him to be able to do something that all of us would question… because sometimes we just have to agree to see something and not really know how it works,” he said to this week’s Radio Times.

Alan’s new novel comes after he confessed that his wife Alison often worries that he may reveal details about the couple’s personal life in his writing.

The star previously explained that his wife always reads his work before he sends it to publishers.

Alan’s novel Mr Gandy’s Grand Tour, which was published in 2017, sparked questions from his wife.

Speaking about the book in the same year, Alan said that his wife began to question him after the launch, quizzing him on if his new novel was about her.

The star said that he told her “of course” it wasn’t.

He spoke to Manchester Evening News about the issue, saying: “My wife always reads my books first and when she read this one she asked me, ‘It’s not about us, is it?’

“I said, ‘No, of course not.’

“After all, P.D. James never murdered anyone, but she wrote brilliant crime mysteries.

“I just wanted to show men can be as sensitive as women and tell a good tale,” he explained.

Speaking more about Alison, the star said that he considered his wife to be his “best friend” and explained that family was at the heart of everything he did.

Alan explained: “Alison and I have been married 41 years, she’s my best friend, and family life.

“Our two daughters, sons-in-law and four grandchildren – are at the heart of everything.”

He added that he didn’t want to retire as he didn’t like the idea of living without a “sense of purpose” and added that he will “always be a gardener.”

Read the full interview in this week’s Radio Times – on newsstands now.

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