Tom Holland Reveals He’s Taking A Break From Instagram

Did you get a comment on a social media platform from someone with a Tom Holland like handle? It might have actually been him!

The 23-year-old actor teamed up with GQ as part of his magazine feature and went undercover online to answer some questions from fans all over.

While heading to Instagram, Tom revealed that he’s actually taking a break from the platform for a while.

“I like Instagram, but I am gonna delete my Instagram,” he shared in the video, before clarifying. “Not get rid of, but I’m going to delete the app from my phone because I need to take a break. It’s taking over my life a little bit.”

Tom‘s following in the footsteps of some other celebs like Shawn Mendes in taking a step back.

Earlier in the interview, Tom also opened up about Robert Pattinson playing Batman.

“He’s gonna kill it as Batman,” he shared. “I wouldn’t want to go up against him because he’s a bit of a beast.”

Check out the full interview below!
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