Victoria Beckham shares secret to marriage with David as she admits to mum guilt

Victoria Beckham has divulged all the secrets to why her 20-year marriage to David is a great success.

In a new TV interview with TODAY on Tuesday, Posh Spice spilled the beans on why she and her husband of 20 years are "lucky to have found each other".

The mother stressed everything she and David do revolves around their four children Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper as they have made them number one priority.

Also, the former pop star gushed how they have "grown" together as individuals while they go through life by each other's sides.

Although Victoria commented it was love at first sight for the pair, their relationship has stood the test of time.

She said: "The kids are our priority. Everything we do revolves around the kids. We both work really hard, we love what we do professionally. We appreciate each other. We are very lucky to have found each other and we are growing together.

"It was love at first sight. It was love at first sight."

Since they tied the knot in 1999, the couple have gone from strength to strength.

David and Victoria have always put an emphasis on their family unit as they raise their four children in the limelight.

Victoria added: "Communication is key [to being a family unit], we're very present in the kids life, we love our family. Everything we do revolves around our family, working hard, great support team, both of our parents are very present and help with the kids."

As well as having the same priorities, Victoria shared the couple both love to be pampered.

The mother-of-four explained how she and David have bonded over their skin routines and enjoy doing face masks together.

She added: "We share skin products. We'll share moisturisers and face masks that sort of thing."

As she puts her kids first, Victoria said she feels "mum guilt" when she pursues her career goals.

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